M G & J Outreach invests its efforts in meeting the needs of the people. We shall be a resource of improvement in our community. We provide food, clothes, tutoring for the youth, jobs and transitional housing for the homeless.


Over the years M G & J Outreach has helped thousands of people struggling with financial difficulties.

M G & J Outreach is a partner of Missions for Jesus Christ, where all Outreach Food Giveaways are located. Pastor Oliver Lambert has organized all Giveaways to date.

Over the years M G & J Outreach has participated in many successful charity events helping the community survive this economic crunch. M G & J Outreach has assisted in Food Distributions, Clothing Distributions, School Supply Distributions as well as helping families feel more of the warm holiday spirit with Christmas Distributions. Overall, M G & J Outreach has helped thousands, with help from contributors like Reo World Asset Management Company, Rebel Yell Clothing Line, and R.D. Pinault Construction Company among others.

Due to lack of funding we are only able to assist with Food Giveaways in San Bernardino, currently rated as the second poorest county in California. We try to help as many people as we can in our community, and your every donation makes a big difference. All donations given to M G & J Outreach can be listed as a Tax Write-Off for all businesses (see side panel to right for Tax Information).

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