Letter of Introduction:

MGJ Outreach, a 501(c)3 NPO, is submitting this letter to request $250,000 to expand our efforts in the San Bernardino Community through the utilization of a building in which we will build a “go to” after school community for the poorest of our youth.

MGJ Outreach has been working in the San Bernardino Community for the past eight (8) years. Our efforts in feeding, clothing and educating the poor have been funded through the generous donations of individuals and businesses. These funds have been made available to MGJ through the tireless efforts of our Executive Director, Marcus Jinks, who constantly and personally raises these donations all over the Southern California area.

The city of San Bernardino, CA has seen some tough times, but nothing like the past few years. Over 15% of the city’s residents are unemployed and over 40% are on some form of public assistance. According to the US Census, 34.6% of residents live below the poverty level, making San Bernardino the poorest city for its population in California, and the second poorest city in the US next to Detroit.

The population of the city is young, with 32% under the age of 18. More than 50% of the population’s households have children under the age of 18 and 23% have a woman householder with no second adult present.

These statistics paint a bleak picture demographically, but the real story is the number of people, both young and old, who are going hungry every day in the city. Children who have no adult at home when they arrive from school struggle with schoolwork and hunger issues. The lack of adult supervision creates an environment in which these children cannot survive, let alone thrive.

MGJ Outreach has been feeding this community for more than eight (8) years and is a registered 501(s) non-profit organization. We organize monthly food giveaways for the community families and not missed a monthly give away in those eight (8) years. We operate a food bank for the needy and provide clothing for the community. We also provide counseling for abused women, transitional housing for the poor and intransigent, and we provide after school tutoring for children.

MGJ has been doing all of this on the donations of individuals and businesses in Southern California. In these tough times those donations have dwindled significantly and we have had to pull back our programs to just the San Bernardino area. We are committed to developing a total program for the youth of the community. There is only one Boys and Girls Club in the city and that location is not available to our children, as it is so far away.

We intend to utilize a building that is available and ready for us to occupy at 1464 East Highland, right in the heart of the poorest section of the city. The kids will be able to walk to the facility to engage in after school activities, including curriculum tutorials in reading, math, science, social studies, history and geography. Diversions will be available to help the children grow in social interaction, and job and abuse counseling will be available to help begin to prepare our kids for the world. Children of all ages, kindergarten through high school, are welcome.

This effort is striving to keep our kids off the street and provide the kind of living aid that these families desperately need. The expansion of the after school program will also enable single mothers and poor families to feel confident that their children are safe and being given the best opportunity possible to learn and grow in an environment conducive to success.

Please help us make a difference!

Thank you for your consideration of our request. Please send us an application form, if required. Proforma use of funds is available upon request. If you have any questions, please call Marcus Jinks, Executive Director at (909) 205-0553.

Proposed Budget

Building Acquisition

Purchase $100,000.00
Insurance of building $10,000.00

Construction / Playground

Swing sets $  5,000.00
Basketball court $  1,000.00
Pool tablev $  2,500.00
PingPong Table $  1,000.00
Recreational Games $  4,000.00
Carpet & Paint – each room $  5,000.00

Construction for Kitchen

Refrigerator $  2,500.00
Stove $  2,000.00
Microwave $     200.00
Freezer $  1,000.00

Remodeling Bathroom

Tile/Paint/Toilets/Showers $20,000.00

Work Construction and Labor

Interior and Exterior $80,000.00

General Operating Support

Chairs (6) $     700.00
Desks (6) $  1,250.00
Computers (6) $  6,000.00
Laptops (6) $  6,000.00
Printers (6) $  6,000.00
Paper cases/ink cartridges (20) $  5,000.00
Pens/Pencils $     200.00
Office Phones (6) $  1,500.00
Big screen TVs for entertainment (2) $10,000.00


Passenger van – Chevy used (2) $45,000.00
Work vehicles – Honda Civic used (2) $25,000.00

Operating Budget

Teacher Aides (4) each part time $80,000.00
Janitorial Staff (2) each part time $30,000.00

Security System

Alarms for all entrances/exits $10,000.00


Windows in front of building $10,000.00

Food for the kids each week

Fruit Juices/Milks $     500.00
Juice $     500.00
Fruit $  1,000.00
Water $     500.00
Bread $     500.00
Lunch meats $  1,000.00
Soups $  1,000.00
Hot and Cold Cereals $  1,500.00
Estimated total $471,350.00
Any remaining money will be put to General Operating Budget Costs – estimated $78,650.00

ATTEN: Included are pictures of the desired building